Red Wolves under the radar and across the world: James Williams and Kuwait Gridiron

Here’s a story I did for my class blog. While I was in Kuwait I met James Williams, a former offensive lineman for the Arkansas State Red Wolves and current head coach of U-19 Kuwait Gridiron National Football.


A group of students from the College of Media and Communications recently traveled to Kuwait on a university-sponsored trip to study the print and broadcast media institutions in the country. While over there, our group was contacted by a former Red Wolf who is doing great things in Kuwait. We met up with him and talked about his job and experiences in the Middle East.

James Williams is a 2012 Arkansas State graduate and former offensive lineman for the football team who is now the head coach for the U-19 Kuwait Gridiron National Football team in Kuwait City, Kuwait. For the past five months James has lived in the country and helped build the U-19 football program at the grassroots level.


Day-to-day operations involve strength and conditioning, planning practices, and developing assistant coaches, among other things. About seventy Kuwaiti teenagers have registered with the program. Players on theā€¦

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